Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Friends! It’s time for more pics and stories from the #bacheloraff. ARE YOU EXCITED?! I sure am.

Okay, so I last left off waking up on Friday morning, ready for the whole crew to arrive. Julie, Gerrick, and I drove to our new hotel - the ridiculously gorgeous JW Marriott - to check in for all 5 (!) rooms and prepare some fun surprises :)

You see, when I first decided I wanted to go to Tucson for my bachelorette weekend and July was chosen, I knew it was going to be HOT, and I knew we'd likely be spending some quality time by the pool. So when I thought about a cute gift I could get all my friends to thank them for shlepping out to the Tuc, I had a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself chaise lounge towels!

My amazing wedding planners Bash Please helped me order them and customize them, and voila! One by one, as each of my pals arrived, they came down to the pool to find their very own monogrammed terrycloth chaise lounge cover :) I was pretttttyyyy proud of myself :)

Friday passed in a happy, sunny blur - we swam, we tanned, we chatted and splashed and hugged and jumped all over each other like best friends who haven't seen each other in ages do. We even went in the lazy river and on the waterslide! (Are we nearly thirty, or three years old old?)

After nearly EIGHT HOURS by the pool Gerrick had developed a truly nasty sunburn and we were all getting tired - up to the rooms we went! And to my surprise, it was not an ordinary room I found… but a gorgeous, giant suite that was absolutely DECKED in bachelorette gear!

Bailey had gone all out with balloons and streamers and signs and pink penis straws (WHAT! It was a bachelorette!!!!) and a veil, feather boa, sparkly tiara and bow headband for me to wear. I was dying. It was everything I ever wanted and more. Greene also gave me the MOST perfect card, and Floff surprised me with a leopard print garter, sparkly hair clips, and an amazing rhinestone BRIDE pin. My friends are the cutest.

Ha! This was hilarious - my adorable sister thought this would be enough food for nineteen hungry #bacheloraffians - one tub of licorice, one bag of chips, one box of Cheetos and a thing of Wheat-Thins. #naive #wearehungrierthanthat #sillybailey

After we cleaned off and rested and got all settled, the group gathered in the suite to hang out for a bit and have some pre-dinner drinks - I couldn't help taking a million pics!


After those billion photos, we all packed into the rental cars and drove to my favorite fancy restaurant in Tucson, Wildflower! I laughed out loud when Bailey said "Hi, we're the ones with the reservation for 19 people." We had a delicious dinner - I ate my favorite salmon/potato appetizer, then made a toast and almost started crying in the middle of the restaurant.

At one point Bailey had some wine and decided to try on all the married/engaged ladies' rings! #BLINGBLING

The night wasn't over yet… when we got back to the hotel, Bailey had some more tricks up her sleeve…. I was sent out of the room for a minute and when I came back in, everyone was wearing CUSTOM MATCHING SHIRTS THAT SAID "THE QUEEN HAS FOUND HER KING!!!!!!" Excuse me, I almost cried then too. More on the shirts later, I am freaking obsessed with them in an unnatural and unhealthy way :)

After I had calmed down from the shirt surprise, I was treated to another surprise - they played the cutest game where I was asked to answer questions from Rami's perspective, and then they played videos of Rami answering the same questions! Kind of like the Newlywed Game… it was adorable. Let me just say my future husband LOVES him some camera time :) what a ham.

My amazing friends weren't even done yet…  they gave me a tiny package containing a little Shutterfly book - everyone had sent in pictures and letters about their earliest memories of me! Once I opened the book, I was just done. Totally cried. Had to basically be put to bed like a small child.

Wow… this many pictures and I haven't even gotten to talk about day 2? It'll have to wait :) check back tomorrow for more #bacheloraff shenanigans!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014


So a full week has passed since I returned from my #bacheloraff extravaganza. It basically took me this entire time to catch up on sleep – after five amazing days in Arizona, I was wiped but WOW was it worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to give you all a full recap, but since I think I took close to 400 pictures throughout the weekend, I’m gonna have to break it up into a couple different posts :) Suffice it to say it was one of the best weekends of my entire life. My favorite city + my favorite people + celebrations for ME = my idea of heaven on earth!!!

I flew to Tucson on Wednesday morning and met two of my best pals there. Julie is a teacher and Gerrick C. is a nurse so they had flexible schedules and how could we NOT spend more time in Tucson?!  

They arrived before me… when I came out to the curb, this is what I was greeted with! Great start to the weekend :)

From there, we went straight - no stopping - to Beyond Bread, AKA our favorite restaurant ever and probably the place where I spent 40% of my time as an undergrad. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that this was only the first of THREE visits there during the trip :) Next we checked into our hotel and spent the rest of Wednesday lounging by the pool (it was hot, but not ridiculously hot - perfect pool weather!) and had a delicious dinner at Vivace that night. Such a nice relaxing day!

And then on Thursday, the shenanigans started again…. Julie had the brilliant suggestion for all of us to get massages. Great idea! Except I wasn't content for the three of us to have separate massage experiences… oh no. I made friends with the spa manager and politely requested a "couples massage + 1… a triples massage?" Unbelievably, the spa manager made it happen… she blocked off the entire yoga room at the hotel and transformed it into a spa paradise, complete with a sparkly little sign! The three of us enjoyed our hot stone massages side-by-side, laughing the entire hour :)

After our massage and some more pool time, we got all cleaned up and headed down to campus for some good ole fashioned reminiscing… we drove around Greek Row and waved to our sorority house and parked on campus so we could walk through the Student Union and of course, our beloved bookstore and their air conditioned comfy chairs :)

Posing on the mall!

We grabbed a beer at Frog & Firkin and then drove to our other favorite restaurant, Oreganos - Gerrick had a minor breakdown when she was told her favorite sandwich had been discontinued (photos of her sobbing face are not being posted because I value our friendship) but she managed to rally in time for the pizookie!

Those two days in Tucson passed in a blur… I had SOOOOO much fun with J + G, but once Friday rolled around, I couldn't WAIT!!!

Check back later this week for stories and pics of the real shenanigans :) XOXO!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#Bachelorette? #Bacheloraff!

 I feel like I have been waiting ages to write this post. I mean, seriously - I've been waiting since we got engaged! 

It's finally here...  MY BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

And by "party" I mean "weekend" and by "weekend" I mean "five-day vacation" :) #gobigorgohome, right?! 

So... where are we going?

We are going to beautiful TUCSON, ARIZONA, also known as where I spent four glorious fun-filled years in college having the time of my life. Tucson is where I made some of my most important lifelong friendships, it's where I learned how to be an independent adult and make important decisions, and it's where I truly became who I am today... I have known for YEARS, even before meeting Ram, that when the time came for my bachelorette party, I would be dragging the whole crew back to good ole' Tucson. 

And by whole crew, I mean it - there will be NINETEEN OF US there all weekend, drinking and laughing and eating and dancing and swimming and tanning - I CANNOT WAIT!!! Here are some of the things I'm bringing along with me:

ONE: I saw this beautiful dress hanging on the rack in Anthropologie - there was one left, my size, and it fit perfectly. I've been saving it for a special occasion - I think this fits the bill, don't you?! 

TWO: My go-to travel bag - a brightly colored Mara Hoffman tote. Fits everything = perfect for the pool! (Mine's not available anymore, but how cute is this one?)

THREE: I cannot wait to lay out by the pool surrounded by all my best friends. I'll be the one wearing this chic little black bathing suit :)

FOUR: I bought this dress from ASOS especially to wear this weekend - I just fell in love with the bright fuschia color and the swinginess!

FIVE: Basic black shorts get snazzy with scalloped edges. On sale from the Gap!

SIX: I just picked up this little breezy tank from Anthro last weekend. Mine is a darker green, but how pretty is the mint color?

SEVEN: A girls weekend calls for HOT PINK LIPSTICK

EIGHT: My new favorite Tory Burch wedges. They are ridiculously comfortable - I am not kidding, I can walk in these for HOURS - and leopard to boot!

NINE: I've blogged about this makeup bag before - so gorgeous, so inexpensive, so colorful, so unique... so ME! 

TEN: This J.Crew necklace is my go-to when I want to add a little extra bling... this one is sold out now, but I also have this one and love it!

ELEVEN: As soon as I saw the color of this nail polish, I knew it was meant to be... it's called BACHELORETTE BASH!!!

TWELVE: Everybody looks better with a tan :) Using these tan towel wipes is the quickest and safest and easiest way to get one!

So I leave tomorrow morning to meet two of my best friends in the Tuc (yes it's going to be approximately 112 degrees, no I don't really mind #itsadryheat) and then on Friday, my sister and all my other beautiful girlfriends arrive bright and early for a whole weekend of shenanigans :) 

If you want to follow along on the fun on Instagram, check #bacheloraff :) I can't make any promises as to how well behaved we'll be but I know we'll be having THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!!! 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Serve It Up!

Every once in a while I come across something amazingly creative on the internets and I have to stop myself from shouting "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!" out loud. I literally want to smack myself for not coming up with it on my own.

This is one of those things!!!!! I cannot get over it. It's genius.

I came across this company called Nora Fleming - their motto is "revolutionizing the art of entertaining." They sell plain white serving pieces - platters, plates, cheeseboards, you name it - and each one has a tiny hole drilled into the side. Separately, they sell what they call "minis" - tiny ceramic charms that fit perfectly into that little hole on each platter, which allows you to customize your serving platter for each occasion! 

All of the serving pieces are white, and the little "minis" add an adorable whimsical touch to each platter or plate. So basically, it cuts out the need to have special "themed" plates or platters - the plain white serving pieces match everything, and you save room in your kitchen cabinets by not needing to buy serving pieces for Halloween or 4th of July or Christmas or Hanukkah that only get used once a year. All you need to do is swap out the cute little "mini" charm!

This is an absolutely genius idea and so, so perfect for someone like me (or my mother - AHEM Martha Jewart) who loves to entertain and loves having special serving pieces for different events and holidays. 

Here are some of my favorites serving pieces and minis - SO freaking cute!

Minis: Jewish Star (so cute for latkes!) - Sombrero (lay out all the fixings for build-your-own-tacos!)
 Watermelon - Carrot - Gerber Daisy - Red Heart - Artichoke (serve a hot spinach artichoke dip in an NF bowl) - Cheeseburger - Grill (so cute with grilled vegetables on the big platter!) - Cupcake

This would be a FABULOUS bridal shower or wedding gift - I'm drooling over the possibilities already. I could also see it being a great gift for moms or grandmas - too bad Mother's Day just passed! As soon as I can find a good reason to buy some, you better believe some of these adorable pieces are coming home with me!

Note: this post is in no way shape or form sponsored... I came across Nora Fleming's website over the weekend and just had to share!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Had To Have It: The Perfect Summer Tank!

Ladies, it's summer. It's hot. You want something cool, something comfortable. I feel you.

I spied this breezy little tank in Nordstrom a few weeks ago and had to have it! I don't know about you, but I often layer up on tanks - a tighter one to hold the goods in, you know, followed by the looser, usually cuter one on top. This tank does the job for me - it's two layers, one tighter and longer, topped with a sheer overlay, and it could NOT be softer.

The first one I bought was the white one, but I confess I've already gone back for the royal blue - I'm wearing it as we speak! Trying to hold off on completing the trio and nabbing the mint color, but I doubt I'll be able to resist much longer. And for less than $40, why the heck not, right?!

(Let me also say that usually, I find the reviews on Nordstrom's website to be pretty spot-on, but I'm puzzled by this one - I find it runs true to size, not too big at all...)

As I mentioned, I am wearing it to work today, paired with skinny black pants, leopard flats, and a white cardigan. I walked in this morning and my colleague immediately followed me into my office and demanded to know where it's from, so I knew I had to share with all of you too :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Showered With Love, Round One!

Yesterday I had my very first bridal shower - Rami's mom's friends came together and threw me a gorgeous luncheon and it could not have been more beautiful!

I wore a white dress from Topshop, my trusty nude Pour La Victoire wedges, borrowed my mom's J.Crew crystal necklace, and got my hair and makeup done too :) #GIRLYGIRL 

Posing with the mamas :)

The party was at a little Italian restaurant called Ca De Sol, in a private room that opened to a beautiful courtyard. Each table was set so beautifully with gorgeous pink and white flowers inside white ceramic vases (that I got to keep!) with little bowls of candy, personalized menus, and the cutest party favors - pink chocolate dipped fortune cookies with a little message inside that said "Rami & Jordan: Lucky in Love!"

Here I am with all the hostesses. Ladies, if you're reading this, THANK YOU AGAIN!!! 

The food was delicious - we had roasted tomato soup drizzled with basil oil, grilled chicken salad with shaved artichokes and parmesan, sage & pumpkin ravioli, and chocolate cake for dessert. YUM!

My sis came in from New York for it! #maidofhonoroftheyear. Would not have been the same without her.

With two of my best friends/bridesmaids - so glad they were there!

Silverladies :)

How cute is this? The theme was "Recipes for Bridal Bliss" and all the guests submitted their favorite recipe ahead of time - the hostesses compiled them into a beautiful scrapbook. I can't wait to start cooking some of them!

Rami and his dad came for a bit at the end to open presents... Ram loves opening presents. He got very into it, cheering for things he liked/remembered registered for. Such a ham.

Okayyyyy I'm a ham too:

At the end my friend Blair turned all the ribbons and flowers from the gift wrapping into a gorgeous "bouquet" for me to carry down the aisle the day before my wedding during our rehearsal! Wish this wasn't so blurry... I love this picture :)

Not a day goes by that I don't think about how lucky I am... both to have such wonderfully generous family and friends, and to have such an adorable fiance! My shower was so beautiful and I will remember it forever. I have another one coming up in August... I'm so excited to do it all again! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Perfect Potato Salad

Just in time for all your summer BBQs, I'm here with what is quite possibly THE most delicious potato salad recipe in the entire universe. You are welcome. I hear the applause already. Just thank me later.

While I was in New York over the weekend, my family was busy getting ready for their Father's Day Barbeque. I wanted to contribute something, so my aunt suggested pasta salad. Eh. Meh. Feh. Despite my intense love for pasta and nearly all carbohydrates in general, pasta salad actually does nothing for me. I suggested potato salad instead, she agreed, and I set about the internets to find the best one.

For almost seven years now, I've been reading the food blog Orangette, written by the extraordinarily talented Molly Wizenberg, and as it happens, on the plane to NY, I was reading her first book, "A Homemade Life," which contains her father's recipe for his famous potato salad. It was a sign! I had to make it. Never you mind that literally WHILST cooking the potatoes, my mother realized that our flight actually was going to be leaving hours earlier than she had thought, and as such, I would not even get a single bite of my own contribution to the BBQ. 

No worries, I made it for Ram last night... and it was PHENOMENAL.

Here is the recipe, taken from Molly's wonderful book, which I highly recommend, with just a couple of minor changes, listed in pink. I can never leave well enough alone :)

Burg's Potato Salad

2 pounds of small red potatoes
4 large eggs  I'm not the biggest fan so I didn't use them
1 spoonful of capers (sans brine)
8 scallions (white and pale green parts only) thinly sliced
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 cup mayonnaise
4 tbsp Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
2 tbsp dill, finely chopped
Fresh ground pepper

Slice the raw potatoes into similar-sized chunks to cook evenly. Put the potatoes in a large pot and add cold water to cover by 1 inch. Add a dash of salt, and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to maintain a gentle simmer and cook, until the potatoes are fork-tender, about 15 minutes. 

Drain them and rinse with cold water. Put them in a large bowl and set them aside to cool. (I stuck them in the fridge for about ten minutes to cool them off just a tad, since I like warm potato salad). 

In a small bowl combine the ranch dressing, mayonnaise, scallions, capers, and dill. Pour the dressing over the potatoes and mix, coating all over. Add fresh ground pepper to taste. Serve and enjoy! We had ours with grilled chicken apple sausage and roasted asparagus and it was fantastic.


"Babe... A+!"
"Best potato salad of my life."
"Makes all other potato salads look like GARBAGE!"

Apparently Rami liked it :) I hope you will too!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Life Lately!

Hi friends! Totally didn't mean to disappear again for weeks. Things have been crazy around here - very busy with wedding planning, last week was my HUGE 300+ person gala event that I have been planning for months (it went very well!), and in the middle of everything I hopped off to New York for a couple days. I'm exhausted just thinking about it... isn't summer supposed to be relaxing?!

Are you familiar with Lulu & Georgia? It's a home accessories, furniture, and gifts website with a fantastic selection of products - I love their stuff. They recently held a "pop-up shop" in West Hollywood for a few days and you better believe I was one of the first ones in the door... their prices were slashed from 20-70% and I made out like a bandit! I left with this 5x8 rug, this Mexican serape (to be used as an outdoor tablecloth), two  bathmats, a couple picture frames, a thermos or two, some trays... Literally only the size limitations of my SUV's trunk kept me from buying more!

Last week Ram and I finally got to go to our wedding CAKE TASTING!!! We brought our moms and the wedding planners and had a grand old time. I'll say this, The Four Seasons knows how to present a pretty plate of cake! Clockwise from top left we tried Bananas Foster, Red Velvet, Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate Crunch, and Funfetti.. Any guesses which we chose!?

Speaking of weddings, one of my best friends, Julie, got engaged last month and this little surprise showed up in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago... filled with "Will you be my bridesmaid?" M&Ms! Delicious and adorable. My answer was OF COURSE :)

As I mentioned earlier, I just got back from spending a long weekend in New York with my family. My trip coincided with my little cousin's prom - we spent the whole day getting her all dressed and fancied up with her hair, makeup, and nails done. Her adorable boyfriend came over with his parents to take photos before the pre-prom party and since my aunt and uncle are not exactly professional photographers if you know what I mean, I grabbed the cameras and started art-directing like a PRO, if I do say so myself :) This is my favorite shot of them... how freaking CUTE are they?!

If you're in LA, I have a new-ish restaurant recommendation for you... Wexler's Deli! I know the chef/owner, Micah, from childhood, and have following his impressive career for years. He recently opened this tiny deli downtown in the Grand Central Market and I finally made it out there to try it. His bagels, lox, and sturgeon were all homemade and FANTASTIC - I gotta get back over there for some of his homemade pastrami next. Don't miss the black and white cookie :)

And finally.... my fifteen minutes of fame... I am (kinda) featured in this month's Glamour Magazine! A few months ago, they ran an interview with Sophia Amorusa, the CEO of NastyGal, who just came out with a new book, "#GIRLBOSS". I loved the article and her smart, to-the-point tips for young women, so I emailed Glamour to tell them so. Cut to me in the airport on Thursday browsing through the magazine rack at Hudson Books... I saw my name in their "Letters to the Editor" section and couldn't stop laughing hysterically! (Sidenote: I read #GIRLBOSS in a single day while we were in Scottsdale and the book was great! I highly recommend!)

Anyway. That's what's going on in my neck of the woods. I've got some other fun stuff coming up too... my first bridal shower is this weekend, my sis is coming into town for ten days, my bachelorette party is just a couple weeks away... lots to fill you in on in the coming weeks! XOXOXO 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Arizona, I Love You

Memorial Day Weekend in Arizona was awesome. Relaxing, restful, gorgeous weather, no real plans... exactly what we needed!

We arrived late Friday night and after a couple issues with the rental car place (I will never use Fox Rent-A-Car ever again! Grrrrr...), we hustled off to find some food. Owning to the fact that it was late and we were tired and hungry, I knew just the place... OREGANOS! This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants from my college days and I knew Ram would love it. We snarfed up some pesto bruschetta and of course, their famous pizookie = high fives all around.

This year, we decided to try a new hotel. We usually stay at The Four Seasons at Troon and while absolutely beautiful, it's very far from town and the fun restaurants and stores we like to visit. I did a fair amount of research - there are a ton of beautiful resorts in Scottsdale. We ended up at The Omni Montelucia and I highly recommend it - it was absolutely stunning, with gorgeous Mediterranean architecture and features. 

The room was spacious and the air conditioning was a real champ :) (very important to me... I have packed up and left hotels in the middle of the night when the air conditioning was not up to par!) When we made the reservation a while back, we mentioned that we were newly engaged, and when we checked into our room, there was a bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries waiting with a personal note of congratulations!

I particularly appreciated that their adult pool was extremely large and had plenty of chaises, towels, umbrellas, etc, and I was also pleasantly surprised by their cafe menu. Usually food served to you by the pool is mediocre and just "eh," but the Montelucia's food was delicious and always served hot, while the drinks were refreshed often and always ice cold. The service was great, too. It was just a very pleasant experience all three days we were there, since the only thing we did was lay on our chaises, read, apply sunscreen, and occasionally hop in the water to cool off!

On Saturday we were joined by our friend Rachel, who in a happy coincidence was also visiting Scottsdale that weekend. She hung with us by the pool for a bit, then the three of us headed out to see X-Men in what is possibly... the nicest movie theater I've ever been to? We thought it was just a regular AMC but it had recently been upgraded with those amazing couch/recliner chairs... let me tell ya'll, I didn't hate it! 

Saturday night the three of us dined at an old standby, Cowboy Ciao. It was good, but not great - I think if you're planning a trip to Arizona, there are plenty of better places... like the place we went to Sunday night! Esquire Magazine chose Virtu as one of its 2013 Best New Restaurants in America, and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! In a fantastic bit of luck, we happened to be visiting AZ over Restaurant Week, and as a result, had an absolutely fantastic meal at Virtu consisting of most of their "greatest hits"...

Behold: buratta with proscuitto and pickled peaches, grilled octopus with seared chickpeas and chile butter, grilled asparagus with feta, bacon, and a truffle hollandaise, a beautiful fresh duck egg pasta, and a ridiculous porkchop with an heirloom tomato salad:

We were sad to leave on Monday... we caught a couple more hours of sun by the pool, hit up Barrio Queen for some tiny tacos (another strong recommendation!) and then it was off to the Apple Store as Ram's phone accidentally fried itself in the hot AZ sun, this time for good :( He is now the proud owner of a new iPhone 5S and I am the proud owner of a medium base tan. Win win for everyone! 

Scottsdale is very special to us because it was the very first vacation we took together as a couple. I love going every year during Memorial Day Weekend and hope we continue doing it for a long, long time - I already can't wait to go back! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fabulous Fashion Finds for Father! (Sue Me, I Love Alliteration.)

WELL! Here is a fun thing. Ya'll know Shopbop, right? Did you know they have a partner site, East Dane, that exclusively sells men's clothes?

Well, I sure did. (Any excuse to online shop, right?) I love the brands they sell and I LOVE me some free shipping and returns. So I was delighted when East Dane contacted me last week to see if I could help spread the word about some of their new arrivals in time for Father's Day, which is coming up faster than you'd think - Sunday, June 15th! Just a few weeks away!

I enlisted the assistance of my darling fiance, who gave me several minutes of his time and offered his opinions on the various items I selected below. Ram agreed that all these things would be great for a dad/something a dad would enjoy getting on Father's Day, but really, I think that any of these could work for just about any guy. And bonus: every single item except for the sunglasses cost less than $100! 

Here's what we chose...

A polo is a quintessential "guy" staple - they look good on everyone. This color is bright and fun and perfect for summer.

Dads have phones. Dads phones need charging. Voila! This portable iPhone charger is sleek (it fits inside a wallet!) and perfect for the dad on the go. Sidenote: I have one of these (granted, mine is white with red hearts all over it, and I charge it up every day and use it CONSTANTLY.)

"You want a coffee table book that you actually would read and wouldn't be embarrassed for people to see you own," says my soon-to-be-husband. With this awesome 500+ page edition, your dad will get to remember and reminisce about all the awesome music he loved listening to growing up. Plus, it's $20 - an amazing price if you're on a budget!

Is your dad stylish? If yes, great, you lucky thing. If not, yikes - get him a pair of these straight leg, "normal color" (thanks Ram) jeans. They're an awesome basic every guy should have in his closet. 

R has these boat shoes, and loves them. He calls them "the perfect combination of style, sophistication, and comfort" - what Dad wouldn't want that?! I like the brown leather version, but the navy blue is also a favorite of mine.

A total no-brainer. The world's coolest sunglasses. (They look great on ladies too!)

Father's Day happens to fall in the beginning of summer, so if your father is the type who likes swimming and boating and other outdoorsy things, why not "accidentally on purpose" lose his old faded Tommy Bahama trunks and get him a new bathing suit? I'm partial to this one... neutral with a little fun twist!

"I like this shirt because even if you're wearing it with a casual pair of shorts, you could still go out to the market or something and still feel like you're dressed in non-shlubby clothes." Thanks Ram. Well put. I'm a huge fan of anything striped, plus this shirt is actually linen, not cotton, which dresses it up a bit. I kinda love it. I kinda want it for myself.

These are also jeans, but they don't look it - they can be dressed down with a casual shirt or elevated with a nice button-down and good shoes. Ram likes the dark color. I'm personally annoyed the color is called "Smoked Kale" but everyone makes mistakes :)

This basic black duffel works for travel, for gym clothes, you name it. It's canvas, so it's super sturdy, and just the right size - not too big and not too small!

So there you have it, friends. Some awesome goodies to buy for Dad - or any other handsome gent in your life!

Please note: This post was sponsored by East Dane, but both E.D. & Shopbop are websites that I love to shop regularly and can highly recommend!